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Scarlet Haven Residential Services (SHRS) is focused on providing a variety of living supports for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, medical challenges which include chronic illness or disease.

SHRS staff is trained to identify and treat individual’s with complex needs which is why we provide individually developed treatment and living plans designed to enhance skills, promote independence and quality of life.

SHRS’ goal is to develop communities where individuals with intellectual disabilities are supported by maximizing functions using a variety of resources that provides thorough education, training and supports to individuals and their family. This approach is provided and facilitated through rehabilitative therapies, education in developmental skills, behavioral interventions and well-rounded and integrated clinical plans of care.

SHRS services range from 24 hour Residential and Skilled Nursing Services, Medication Management to Community Supported Living arrangement. SHRS promotes patient advocacy, education, development and facilitation of independent living skills that can translate into greater self-confidence and enhance skill sets within community.

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