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Our Mission

Our Mission

Scarlet Haven Residential Services provides access to group homes for individuals diagnosed with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities with chronic medical conditions.

SHRS utilizes a number of interventions that maximize skills, the ability to maintain activities of daily living, encourage social exposure, and enhance quality of life through careful development and preparation of plans of care, rehabilitative therapies, behavioral interventions, and sensory motor development.

SHRS is dedicated to being the premier residential facility for the developmentally and/or intellectually disabled, with chronic medical challenges in Virginia. SHRS believes that providing access to comfortable, clean, safe and secure living environments as well as access to activities and skilled nursing care is the right of every individual.

SHRS residential service homes are community-based home models, combining physical, clinical, and safe exposure to social environments and stability through training, support, and resources for individuals who might otherwise require institutional services.
SHRS services are structured to maximize daily functioning capabilities and decision-making processes for those diagnosed with an intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, along with a chronic medical condition.