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Our Services

Scarlet Haven Residential Services (SHRS) provide a number of options when it comes to residential services and group home living environments. Each SHRS residence will provide support, guidance, and heightened skills and resources that help the developmentally and/or intellectually disabled or otherwise challenged adult individuals to achieve greater success in community living scenarios.

Each of the service areas provided by SHRS is designed to focus and enhance capabilities and provide optimal advancement in activities of daily living as well as quality of life.

Service areas provided by Scarlet Haven Residential Services include:

• Skilled nursing care – A licensed practical nurse (LPN) is on site 24/7 to follow integrated plans of care as well as the administration of medications.
• Adult residential services – Focuses on meeting the needs of those seeking community placement in adequately staffed, equipped and situated group homes. Such homes provide optimal growth and independence, safety, skills training, access to recreation and socialization.
• Community living – Alternative living units or individual family care models. These services provide 24-hour awake supervision, activities of daily living support, skills training and basic health care.
• Individual support services – Focus on customized treatment plans based on an individual’s interests, needs, and preferences, enhanced by patient advocacy and case management.
• Community supported living arrangements – Provide a broad spectrum of support to adults diagnosed with developmental or intellectual disabilities as well as chronic medical illness or disease processes. Includes outreach assistance, 24/7 supervision in the home, nurse monitoring, and encouragement of social interaction.
• Individual and family support services – Designed to provide support to caregivers and family members of those diagnosed with developmental disabilities. Patient advocacy, education, resources, and short-term respite care are offered.
• Behavioral support – Focused on the delivery of resources and treatment plans for continual monitoring and development of psychiatrically integrated referral management plans, therapies, and includes 24-hour crisis support and clinical consultations with interdisciplinary team members.
• Transportation services – We believe that access to social venues and events, medical appointments, and shopping is vital to accommodating and enhancing integration into community.
• Recreational activities – Transportation and accompaniment to recreational activities includes family visits, outings, entertainment, religious, and physical health and wellness events and venues.

SHRS believes that every adult, regardless of cognitive or physical capabilities (or disabilities) has a right to access a variety of situations, scenarios, events and locations within the community that improve independence, socialization, and quality of life.