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Why Us

Why Choose Us

Scarlet Haven Residential Services is specialized in meeting the needs of mentally and physically challenged individuals in Virginia.

SHRS provides 24 hour Residential and Skilled Nursing Services with staff experienced and trained in supporting the individuals we serve.

SHRS has an excellent history in the management and coordination of complex medical care and provide a person centered environment based on individual’s needs.

SHRS’ positive patient-advocacy, history and relationships within the healthcare community promote great self-reliance, independence, and transitions into community.

SHRS is experienced in coordinating services based on the individualized needs of every client

SHRS provides valuable education, resources and support to all our individuals, their care givers or family.

SHRS offers a transitional in-house or respite program which caters to the needs of individuals and also creating a provision of daytime support for such individuals.

ong>SHRS believes that every adult, regardless of cognitive or physical capabilities (or disabilities) has a right to access a variety of situations, scenarios, events and locations within the community that improve independence, socialization, and quality of life.